What is it?

sharpNet is a single web platform to use, designed to create and manage applications for the Internet, which allows the creation of information systems, scalable, modular structure, made to think of the easy construction of powerful business solutions.

How does it work?

Being a truly modular platform, a sharpNet system is built by creating and ad hoc placement of modules and other tools available to assist in the development of your system as. It is not necessary technical knowledge to create a custom system for simple, fast and economical way.
It provides an excellent integration of information because it allows your organization, updating, management and also publish content from a centralized environment.


The philosophy behind the sharpNet is that one person sees or interacts if it was granted and thus can be a homogeneous system profiles / intervention classes, limiting the starting actions or areas of information to users.

In order to portray the reality of business security in sharpNet was implemented based on access profiles. These profiles are created and managed by the entity in order to be possible to implement a replica of the internal organization structure.

SharpNet whole system is based on permissions, and although there are various types of permissions, they can always be app adas 3 key components: Pages, Modules or Folders.

So a group of people, can only intervene in a part of the system, as the files found in a particular search are shown only if the person has read permissions on the folders where those files are stored, or can only import files if you have write permissions.


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What is it?

Studiu is a training platform modular distance, versatile and easy to use which can be used in the following areas:

  • in support environment for classroom training,

  • as online component for blended training,

  • as fully online training platform.

How does it work?

The platform runs on any computer, requiring only a web browser. It is recommended to use Google Chrome, without prejudice to their use in Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, since higher to version 8.

It is not necessary technical knowledge to create a course and enter content using a pedagogical tool sessions.

For trainees access and navigation on the platform is very simple and friendly and has a set of asynchronous and synchronous tools that enrich and enhance learning


Access to the platform is made on the basis of access profiles which have a set of permissions. The predefined profiles are the manager, the coordinator, the trainer and the trainee.

As mentioned the use of studiu is simple with a special focus on the essentials, with menus, links and buttons highly visible and intuitive screen changes.

Training sessions may include dynamic content, such as videos, surveys or tests

It has communication tools and interaction between the trainees and the trainer as internal messenger, chat, forum, job submission and the possibility of providing material support such as videos or manuals in the library studiu.
It offers self-assessment tools or manual trainees and customizable surveys to evaluate the action and trainers.

The platform allows the issuance of different reports with training action information including the access of students, their participation, their evaluation and statistical information. The issuance of the share certificate of attendance can also be customized.

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What is it?

computer system that allows the realization of different types of exams or tests online at the same time and their correction and automatic evaluation.

How doe it works?

The tests are automatically generated depending on the programming of scheduled sessions, and can be performed in group (generation in the same session of different tests) or individually (for one person only).
At the end of the time set for the examination this is closed and are disclosed the results, and approval or disapproval report can be printed.


The multimedia test system can be developed in training environments, examination and projects with small or large which we highlight the following features:

  • variable system architecture to the objectives and the organization that uses it

  • Tests with different types of questions

  • Interface type of examination is simple to use by examinees

  • change possibility of responses by examinees by the end of the exam.

  • random generation of examinations according to pre-defined arrays, with established time

  • Possibility of issues integrate videos, animations or images

  • Possibility of studies performed by illiterates through sound.

  • Interface monitoring tests.

  • The permissions and access are defined in the user profile function

  • Possibility of exam review

  • statistical reports on the approval ratings of the candidates and the issues with higher or lower failure rate.


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What is it?

The Sharpflow is a simple and efficient web platform to manage teams and projects. Simplifies the management of quality systems


  • Monitoring and management Numerous projects and entities

  • Evidence and control of the main phases of the project

  • customizable workflow creation and maintenance

  • Job Logs

  • Creating users with different profiles

  • Various reports (state task, open projects, team work hours per employee and project, archived projects, late tasks, etc.)

  • Monitoring activities (records) of the day

  • Emails area linked to projects