CONPLAN - Consultores do Planeamento, Lda. a Portuguese company, founded in 1985 and main office in Lisbon, to provide technical advisory services.

The Quality Principle

Quality is an underlying principle of regular CONPLAN activity having it's implementation of information systems certified under ISO 9001. You can consult here our Quality Policy and our Quality Manual.


Information systems and vocational training are the main areas where the company operates. The company is certified by DGERT in various fields of vocational training and have an ongoing Health and Safety certificate by ACT.


What makes the difference in high quality demanding work provided by CONPLAN are the People. A versatile and adaptive team shaped to customer needs, the consultants always seek the best solution. A team which includes consultants from different generations, taking advantage of intergenerational relationships and working collaboratively to respond effectively to requests from customers and partners.



During the first ten years of business, CONPLAN acquired a long experience in business areas such as organization and management of companies, preparation of studies on economic and financial technical viability analysis of investment projects, marketing studies and vocational training especially in the sectors: mining industry, ceramic industry, engineering and agro-industries.

In 1997 expanded it's intervention to information systems, and in particular carried out the study and implementation of the Driving Exams Multimedia System for the General Directorate of Traffic (current IMT Institute for Mobility and Transport, IP), being used since 1999. in 2004 developed an identical system for the Directorate General of Land transport and Fluvial (also currently integrated into IMT), to achieve Professional Qualification examination of public transport company managers (passengers and freight).

Since 1994, has been in vocational training and new technologies, having produced several multimedia products. Still in that century it's main activity extended to information technology systems targeting internet services, e-learning and proprietary web products such as:;;